The Courage to Believe

And blessed is she that believed; for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord. Luke 1:45

How many times have you believed for something and didn’t get it? How many times have you changed your mind about a car purchase, your first home or your new shoes?

Well, having a baby is similar. When you believe God to have a baby you must remain consistent in your belief that He will answer you with your desire: a baby. Not a car, a dress or even a higher paying job to soothe your blues.

Your desire is a baby and that is what you should get.

I remember when I was planning for my marriage. I made sure I put the gynecologist on the list. I had my perfect timing. My husband, Arthur and I would be married for a year before starting a family.

Three months before the wedding, I left the doctor’s office with a birth- control prescription in hand and the joy of knowing that when I wanted to stop taking them, I’d have a baby.

That was not the case. In fact, I took the pills for three months when we decided to have a baby right away. After six months or so of not conceiving and not using any type of contraceptive, I became worried. I returned to my doctors who advised me to give it at least a year. Sound familiar?

Another six months quickly flew by with tons of negative pregnancy tests.

I kept hearing people say,

“Relax, it will happen when you least expect it,”

“You’re trying too hard, or the infamous, “in God’s timing.”

Now do you think I really wanted to hear that? NO!

And I didn’t settle for a no. Neither should you.




Her (Wanza's) personal experience (the fight, the disappointments, the VICTORY of birthing two little miracles) is honest, sincere and encouraging. Anyone struggling with infertility (and any other faith fight) will find it to be priceless!

— Tamala

I found trust again!

I was lead to this book because after struggling with infertility and a failed IVF cycle, my faith was shaken. I would cry every night before bed and several times during the day. I remember telling my husband, I needed to figure out a way to trust in God, because while I was saying that I did, I was also filled with worry and doubt. After reading this book, I found trust again. 

— Termina

It gave us hope!

Very helpful during our time our trouble and need. It gave us hope again and belief to know that with God all things are possible. 

— Christopher

Release all of your fears and learn how to have faith in God.